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Model Photo Shoot

The best models and their photographs can be found with Katalister always. You name your preference, we will get it done exactly as you want. Our model photoshoot service never ceases to impress.

Mannequin / Ghost Photo Shoot

If a photoshoot with a model is not what you want, we have a solution! Do a mannequin photoshoot. If you want, we can hide the mannequin from the image, to give you 3D looking product photos.

Creative Photo Shoot

Need more than just standard photos? A creative photoshoot with us will offer your customers a glimpse of your products in their intended environment. We’ll take you places – literally sometimes.

Furniture Photo Shoot

If you sell large products and cannot bring them to us, we’ll come to you. All your large products, be it a sofa or even a refrigerator, we can photograph them with a finesse no one else can match.


Because your products deserve more than just a few images to gain traction. Well-crafted and quick videos almost always increase your chances of a sale. Unparalleled videos, just one phone call away.

360◦ Photography

While you are listing your products, how about a full view of your products in just one interactive image? Our teams are agile with the ability to deliver 360-degree photographs of all products.

Image Editing

If your product photographs need a professional touch to make sure they look great when uploaded, you came to the right place. Our editors are image wizards who can make every photo look stunning.

Campaign Shoots

Do you wish to give your products a theme? We recommend you do. A campaign shoot gives your brand the chance to show what you are made of.

Look Books

A look book is a creative compilation of the photographs of the entire collection of your brand. We make look books that are perfect for your brand, both in online
and offline formats.


A look book mostly caters to clothing styled in a nice way; a catalogue showcases your brand. We will make a catalogue for your brand to leave a lasting impression. We make both, online and offline catalogues.

End-To-End Cataloguing

Right from seller registration, to product listing, including images and content, we offer end-to-end cataloguing across all major platforms in India. Just send us the products and we take care of the rest.

3D Rendering

Need images of your products in a 3D environment? We make realistic looking models of your products rendered on a 2D canvas, to show a product in its intended environment.

Product Listing

We also list up your products across all major platforms in India. Hire us and we shall swiftly upload your products and publish them everywhere you
want them to be.

Full Event Coverage

Our photographers and videographers can cover an entire event you may be hosting. With all the important snapshots and the candid smiles, you will surely enjoy looking back at the photos.

Content Writing

A product doesn’t just grab traction based upon images. It needs the boost of a well-written description of the product. Our unique product descriptions are sure to catch their eye and help your business gyamini.